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Healthy Weight

Being a healthy weight supports both physical and mental health. People of a healthy weight live longer lives, with a greater proportion free of disability and ill health.

Being a healthy weight can help prevent a number of chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke, as well as reducing the impact of other conditions such as arthritis.

The Cwm Taf Morgannwg Healthy Weight team are working closing with Local Authorities, community groups and key public services to build healthier communities, where the healthy choice is the easy choice and people are supported to live healthy, happy and prosperous lives. This whole system approach looks at the bigger picture rather than trying to change one small thing at a time.

Our Mission Creating Health

Making the healthy choice the easy choice while providing unwavering support for individuals striving to lead healthy, happy, and prosperous lives.

At the heart of our strategy lies a holistic, whole-system approach, focusing on the enduring, underlying factors driving obesity rather than merely addressing individual behaviours in isolation.

Our Focus

Over the past year, we've engaged with a diverse array of stakeholders across Cwm Taf Morgannwg. Through various events and one-on-one interactions, we've diligently listened to their insights on the root causes of obesity within our communities. Our critical areas of focus are:

  • Babies' First 1000 Days: Ensuring access to high-quality nutrition, including breastmilk, during this crucial developmental period.
  • Access to Good Quality Food: Facilitating access to nutritious food options for all residents.
  • The Use and Design of Community Spaces: Enhancing the availability and accessibility of community spaces within CTM including active travel, leisure activities and maximising the use of outdoor spaces.

The above areas of focus will be worked on through the following themes detailed below:


For more information on Welsh Government’s Healthy Weight, Healthy Wales strategy, please visit Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales.

For more information on Healthy Weight in Wales, please visit Healthy Weight - Public Health Wales.

If you have any questions on Healthy Weight in Cwm Taf Morgannwg please contact

Healthy Weight - Healthy Wales

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