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Privacy Statement

Your information – Your rights – What you need to know 

This page explains why NHS Wales collects information about you and how this may be used. 

Why does NHS Wales collect information about you? 

Many organisations in the NHS such as, hospitals, GPs, Dentists, Opticians, and Community Pharmacists provide healthcare services 

The people providing these services aim to provide you with the highest quality care. To do this they must keep records about your health and any treatment or care they provide you. 

They take their responsibility to look after your information very seriously. NHS Wales staff are under a legal duty to keep your information confidential, accurate and secure at all times, and are trained to handle your information correctly and to protect your privacy. 

There may be a need to share your information with people and organisations within the NHS who are responsible for providing you with treatment and care. For example, your Dentist could share your information with a doctor in a hospital, so that they can provide you with further treatment or a hospital could share information about your medication following discharge, with your community Pharmacist for them to carry out a medication review. 

Sometimes members of a care team, which may include people from organisations such as health, social care, or other care organisations, may need to share your information within the team to provide your care. 

There may be occasions where we are required to use or share your information to help us to plan our services for patients and check how well we are doing when we provide you with treatment and care. 

We will only share the minimum information needed at that time and only where the law allows us to share it.  We will never sell your information.