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Public Health Wales delivers the following population based national screening programmes across Wales.

Antenatal and Newborn Screening

  • Women who are pregnant will be offered antenatal screening tests during their pregnancy to check their health and the health of their baby. A midwife will explain the different tests you can have as part of your routine antenatal care - Antenatal Screening Wales.
  • Babies are offered Newborn bloodspot screening (a heel prick) usually 5 days after birth - Newborn Bloodspot Screening Wales.
  • Babies are offered Newborn hearing screening usually within the first week of life or as soon as possible after that - Newborn Hearing Screening Wales.

Adult Screening

Cancer Screening

  • Women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64 are invited for cervical screening every 5 years - Cervical Screening Wales.
  • Women aged 50 to 70 are invited for a breast x-ray for breast cancer screening every 3 years - Breast Test Wales.
  • Currently people aged 55 to 74 will be offered bowel screening every 2 years. This is being lowered to younger age groups. Please see the Bowel Screening Wales page for the most up to date age range - Bowel Screening Wales.
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