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Cancer - Early Detection


Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Spotting cancer at an early stage means that treatment is more likely to be successful. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of cancer and to contact a GP or healthcare professional if something does not seem right.

For more information on the symptoms and signs of cancer, please visit:


Cancer Screening

Screening aims to detect early stages of disease or prevent disease occurring. Screening is a process of identifying apparently healthy people who may be at increased risk of a disease or condition; they can then be offered information, further tests and appropriate treatment to reduce their risk and/or any complications arising from the disease or condition. 

People in Wales, who are registered with a doctor are invited to take part in three national cancer screening programmes, Bowel, Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening. Cancer screening is offered to the people who are most likely to benefit from it.

  • Women and people with a cervix aged 25-64 are invited for cervical screening every 5 years - Cervical Screening Wales.
  • Women aged between 50 to 70 are invited for a breast x-ray for breast cancer screening every 3 years - Breast Screening.
  • Currently people aged 55 to 74 will be offered bowel screening every 2 years. This is being lowered to younger age groups. Please see the Bowel Screening Wales page for the most up to date age range - Bowel Screening.

Please click here for more information on all Screening Programmes in Wales.

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