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Planning, Performance & Finance Committee

The Committee will allow appropriate scrutiny and review to a level of depth and detail not possible in Board meetings in respect of planning, performance and finance.

The Committee will ensure that evidence-based and timely interventions are implemented to drive forward improved performance, thereby allowing our Health Board to achieve the requirements and standards determined for the NHS in Wales, and as outlined within the Board’s 3 Year Integrated Medium Term Plan.

Committee Chair:
Patsy Roseblade, Independent Member

Committee Independent Members:
Rachel Rowlands (Vice Chair)
Carolyn Donoghue
Dilys Jouvenat
Nicola Milligan

Lead Directors:
Linda Prosser, Director of Strategy and Transformation
Sally May, Director of Finance and Procurement
Gethin Hughes, Chief Operating Officer

Kathrine Davies, Corporate Governance Manager - 01443 744810

The full role of the Committee is detailed in the Terms of Reference.


Planning, Performance & Finance Committee Meeting Papers 

Click here to view the Planning, Performance & Finance Committee Meeting Papers

Meeting Minutes 

Click here to view minutes of the Planning, Performance & Finance Committee Meetings

Planning, Performance & Finance Committee Meeting Dates 2024
Planning, Performance & Finance Committee Meeting Dates 2024 

27 February 2024

30 April 2024

25 June 2024

27 August 2024

29 October 2024
19 December 2024