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Audit and Risk Committee

The role of Cwm Taf University Health Board’s Audit and Risk Committee is to advise and assure the Board on whether there are effective arrangements in place – through the design and operation of the Health Board system of assurance – to support it in its decision taking and in discharging the accountabilities for securing the achievement of the Health Board objectives in accordance with the standards of good governance determined for the NHS in Wales.

The organisation’s system of internal control has been designed to identify the potential risks that could prevent Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB achieving its aims and objectives. It evaluates the likelihood of the risks being realised, considers the impact should they occur, and seeks to manage them efficiently, effectively and economically. Where appropriate, the Committee will advise the Board and the Accountable Officer on where and how the assurance framework may be strengthened and developed further.

Committee Chair:
Patsy Roseblade, Independent Member

Committee Independent Members:
Ian Wells (Vice Chair)
Geraint Hopkins
Kath Palmer

Lead Directors:
Gareth Watts, Director of Governance/Board Secretary
Sally May, Director of Finance and Procurement

Kathrine Davies, Corporate Governance Manager - 01443 744800.

The full role of the Audit and Risk Committee is detailed in the Terms of Reference.


 Audit and Risk Committee Meeting Papers 

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 Meeting Minutes 

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Audit & Risk Committee Meeting Dates 2024
Audit & Risk Committee Meeting Dates 2024

22 February 2024

18 April 2024

20 June 2024

10 July 2024 - Extra Ordinary Meeting 

15 August 2024

17 October 2024

17 December 2024