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Local Partnership Forum (LPF)

All Local Partnership Forum (LPF) management and trade union organisation representative members are full and equal members, and share responsibility for the decisions.

In consultation with the recognised trade union organisations and professional organisations (hereafter referred to as trade union organisations), the Health Board shall agree the overall size and composition of the LPF.

The Health Board’s Independent Member with responsibility for staff will attend the LPF in an ex-officio capacity.

The Health Board’s LPF is the formal mechanism where the Heath Board and trade union organisations work together in partnership to improve health services for the people of Cwm Taf Morgannwg. It is the forum where key Health Board stakeholders will engage with each other to inform, debate and seek to agree workforce and health service delivery priorities.

At the earliest opportunity, the Health Board will engage with trade union organisations in key discussions that may have an impact on the workforce. These discussions may take place at the Integrated Locality Group (ILG) LPFs, Health Board LPF or Board, as appropriate.

Committee Chair:

Gaynor Jones MBE RN, Chair of Trade Union Representatives

Executive Lead

Hywel Daniel, Executive Director of Workforce and OD (Interim)


Laura Turner


Local Partnership Forum Meeting Papers 

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Meeting Minutes 

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Local Partnership Forum Meeting Dates 2024
Local Partnership Forum Meeting Dates 2024