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Creative Writing and Visual Art

Creative Writing and Visual Art - Sue and Uschi

Creative Writing and Visual Art Workshops - with Sue Hunt and Uschi Turoczy

Sue and Uschi offer Creative Writing and Visual Art workshops which provide practical, instructed exercises which allow participants the opportunity to build new skills, develop confidence and resilience.

Building a new creative practice in a supportive group setting can alleviate feelings of isolation and provide a sense of pride and satisfaction in oneself. These meaningful activities can give structure, distraction and connection throughout the week which is valuable in promoting positive wellbeing and motivation.

Key Objectives of the workshops:

  • To build confidence
  • To encourage motivation and resilience drawn from developing a new creative outlet
  • To provide a meaningful activity during the week for distraction, structure and engagement
  • To alleviate isolation and connect with others
  • To gain creative ideas to promote positive wellbeing and self-care strategies.

The workshops totals 8 sessions (1 hour sessions per week for 8 weeks), which include:

  1. Identity (who I am beyond a diagnosis)
  2. Home (safety and sense of place and enjoyment in the everyday)
  3. The world around me (looking to nature for inspiration and enjoyment)
  4. Journeys (where I’ve come from, where I’m going)
  5. Seasonal Haikus (slowing down - moments of change and observation)
  6. Exploring the sense
  7. Memory and Growing Up (inspired by our own experiences and regional identities)
  8. Reflection

Each week selected poems will be shared and used as inspiration for the group to produce their own work in both written and visual art format. These creative exercises will be led and supported by the facilitators who provide feedback throughout. There will be frequent discussions and opportunities to share work as a meaningful way to develop confidence and connection with others.

Creative packs would be curated and sent out to all participants prior to workshops so that they have a selection of materials to experiment with each week.

Creative Writing and Visual Art - Sue and Uschi

About the artists

Sue Hunt’s experience is working as a professional artist and arts facilitator and Uschi Turoczy is a creative writing for wellbeing practitioner and facilitator. During the last couple of years they have been collaborating to run workshops together as part of the CTMUHB arts for health programme across the Health Board, combining visual arts and creative writing for wellbeing.

This collaborative work has received excellent feedback from both staff teams and patients, introducing innovative new ways of working across arts disciplines. They deliver versatile and inspiring workshops that can be enjoyed by anyone:

"I could not have thought of anything more worthwhile, healthy, sustaining or needed for me at this moment.”

“The content is spot on - an hour goes very quickly”

“The sessions have really taught me that I can do things I never knew I could. I feel the course has begun to get me out of myself, I am willing to try new things.”

“It was a really lovely relaxing session.”

“Sharing my poems with the group has developed my confidence.”

If you have been referred to the WISE Service and would like to register for Creative Writing and Visual Art with Sue Hunt and Uschi Turoczy, please email:

For further information please email: or call us on 01685 351 451. Visit our website at:

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