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Creative Writing Workshops

The House of Dreams and Memories - Penny Simpson

The House of Dreams and Memories - Creative Writing Workshops - Penny Simpson

In this series of online creative writing workshops held by Penny Simpson for the WISE Service, participants will create an imaginary house to hold their dreams and memories, taking inspiration from Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space and Roger Robinson’s poem A Portable Paradise. They will turn story teller using word games, writing exercises, doodles, and map-making.

The House of Dreams & Memories might take the shape of a notebook of ideas, or it might be housed in a box or a drawer, with pieces of writing stored alongside objects which hold a special meaning for the participant.

In Penny’s workshops, there is always the chance to collaborate and share and everyone can inspire and encourage others, experiences which Penny believes we can translate into our daily lives to help enrich our sense of health and wellbeing.

Penny Simpson

About the artist

Penny Simpson is a published author, journalist, and creative writing teacher with a strong interest in social engagement. She has written for organisations such as the BBC and British Council. She also works on digital media projects alongside film directors, visual artists, photographers and illustrators.

Penny has been commissioned to develop and run creative workshops within community writing groups, most recently with Colchester Write Nights. In addition, she has taught creative writing at the University of Essex, and is currently mentoring (via Zoom) PhD literature students who have experienced difficulties with their research projects after shielding during lockdown.

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