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Veterans NHS Wales

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Veterans NHS Wales is the first point of contact for Veterans of HM Armed Forces living in Wales with, or suspected of having, common mental health problems related to their service career.

Veterans NHS Wales is based in Primary Care Mental Health Services providing assessment and evidence based psychological treatment for common mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder.

Who is it for?

The service is aimed at Veterans of the Armed Forces (Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force) living in Wales that suffer from common mental health difficulties of mild to moderate severity, as a result of their career in the Armed Forces.

A ‘Veteran’ is defined as anyone who has served in HM British Armed Forces in the Army, Royal Navy, or Royal Air Force for at least one day, either as a Regular serving member or as a Reservist.

Can anyone use the service?

The service is aimed at Veterans of the Armed Forces. Open access self referral / online / telephone / referral letter.

Opening Times
Usual office hours: 09.00-17.00 Monday to Friday.
Administrative cover: 08.30-12.30 Monday to Friday.

What to expect

New referrals will be screened and the veteran will be contacted by telephone for further information if required. If appropriate, the veteran will be sent an ‘opt-in’ form and consent form to be completed and returned to the service so that an initial face to face assessment with the Veterans Therapist can be arranged.

Assessment may lead to signposting to other relevant services
and/or outpatient psychological therapy with the veterans’ therapist.

Psychological therapy may be offered by the veterans’ therapist comprising of brief evidence based psychological therapy in line with NICE guidelines.

Contact us

Veterans NHS Wales
1st Floor, Dewi Sant Health Park
Albert Road
CF37 1LB

Tel: 01443 443443 extension 75411

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