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Acute Oncology


The acute oncology team is here to provide an advisory service to help admitting teams manage emergencies resulting from a cancer diagnosis or treatment. Our remit is to assist in the management of unscheduled care relating to cancer, including those patients who have;

  1. An acute admission with a new diagnosis of cancer which has been identified as part of other investigations (including Malignancy of Unknown Origin).
  2. Complications of cancer e.g. Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression, Hypercalcaemia.
  3. Complications of the cancer treatment e.g. Neutropenic Sepsis.

Who is it for?

Any patients presenting acutely to our hospitals who have a new or ongoing diagnosis of cancer. The list above is an example of what we can help with, but is by no means exhaustive.

Can anyone use this service?

Yes. Anyone with a new or ongoing diagnosis of cancer can be referred to the service by their healthcare professional.

Opening Times
Monday – Friday 08:30-16:30

What to expect

We can help ensure the patient is on the correct pathway and aid communication within the hospital, with the oncology and palliative care teams, with patients and relatives and with primary care. We will also be the key worker for patients diagnosed with a cancer of unknown primary (CUP).

Contact us

RGH: 01443 443443 ext. 6958
PCH: 01685 726969 


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