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Physiotherapy for your chest in hospital


What we do

Respiratory Physiotherapists assess and treat patients with disorders of the respiratory system such as COPD, Bronchiectasis and Asthma. We also treat patients admitted for certain types of surgery and for the rehabilitation of patients on the critical care and high dependancy units of the hospital. This is delivered in a caring and friendly environment by skilled practitioners working to the highest standards of professional practice, using up to date evidence and research    

Who is it for

We are for patients with chest conditions who need help with:

  • Clearing their chest of secretions/phlegm
  • Decreasing their breathlesness
  • Increasing their general fitness
  • Advice about their condition

We are also for current inpatients who:

  • Have had abdominal surgery and vascular surgery
  • Have been admitted following a worsening of their chest conditions (exacerbation)
  • Have been admitted to the Critical Care Unit/High Dependancy unit
  • Are having difficulty in clearing their chest or feel short of breath
  • Have a decrease in their mobility

Can anyone use this service?

Inpatients are referred by the doctors on the ward, Outpatients are referred by Speciality doctor, GP or Respiratory Nurse    

Opening Times

Generally: 8:30-4:30 Monday - Friday. Emergency on Call: 24 hours a day    

What to expect

The respiratory physiotherapist will assess the patients chest in a variety of ways as well as their general mobility. Following this assessment the physiotherapist will develop a treament plan with the patient in order to tackle the problems identified. The treatments can vary greatly depending on the problem but examples include breathing exercises, manual techniques, positioning, breathlessness management, exercise prescription and referral to a rehabilitation programme. We can also refer to other services in the hospital and community

Contact us

Contact details
Prince Charles Hospital Jon Murphy Team Leader Gurnos Estate Merthyr Tydfil CF48 9DT 01685 728703 Royal Glamorgan Hospital Dominic Anderson Ynysmaerdy Llantrisant CF72 8XR 01443 443443 Princess of Wales Hospital Sian Roberts Coity Road Bridgend CF31 1RQ

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