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Living and Working Together Mindfully @CTM - with Awareness, Balance and Compassion.

Accessing one of our living and working mindfully sessions or courses can support you with tools, practices and information. This can help support the regulation of emotions, enhance our wellbeing and help us to become more insightful. As we become more aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions we may find we become less overwhelmed by them and may even find it easier to accept and manage them.

All of the sessions and courses we offer are steeped in the elements of compassion. Learning and understanding the benefits that compassion practices bring, may help improve, enhance and embody self-compassion as a practice and life skill. Through compassion based meditation and using tools, techniques and resources throughout our sessions and courses, you can gain practices to support you to navigate difficult emotions, mind-states, experiences and self-talk and live a more mindful life.

Meditation is the process of getting to know yourself completely, both who you are inside and how you react to what is outside. Through meditation, you may discover a very different ‘me’ from the person who may be stressed or troubled, the person who may seem superficially to be ‘me.’ Often participants share that they experience significant improvement in their personal and relational awareness, they often experience improvement in their wellbeing having attended these sessions and courses.

Here is a list of all mindfulness sessions available at CTM. For more details on each one, please scroll down.

  • Rest, Re-charge and Re-connect (2.5 hours, one off session)
  • Flourish: Bringing Mindfulness to Life (4-week course, each session 2 hour)
  • Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) (8-week course, each session 2.5 hours)
  • Compassionate Based Living Course (8-week course, each session 2.5 hours )
  • Mindfulness for Menopause (8-week course, each session 2.5 hours)

Please note, for all sessions a quiet, confidential space is a requirement.

Cameras and sound will be needed for all sessions and there is a commitment to attend all sessions if you are attending our longer courses, to ensure continuity and the best experience for all participants.

To access any of these courses, please complete the Access Form.

Rest, Re-Charge and Re-Connect Session

Supporting you to take some time for yourself, build emotional resilience and understand the causes of anxiety and stress. Learn basic skills of Compassion Based Mindfulness to enhance your wellbeing in a small group (no more than eight participants).

  • One-off session
  • 2 ½ hours
  • Typically held on Microsoft Teams.

FLOURISH: Bringing Mindfulness to Life

Our four week, two hour online course covers four fundamental pillars of the art of Flourishing: Awareness; Balance; Compassion and Dedication. How we enhance and develop Emotional Maturity, Resilience and Flourishing by bringing Compassion and Mindfulness to life!

We will cover basic techniques and embodiment of mindful practices, along with Positive Psychology models which can enhance wellbeing, support Emotional Regulation, and reduce perceived anxiety. This is a standalone course and underpins the Mindfulness Based Living Course which can be done at a later date to deepen practice and consolidate learning.

  • 4 x weekly sessions
  • hours
  • Typically held on Microsoft Teams.

Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC)

A progressive course that builds on the foundations of Compassion Based Mindfulness. When we learn to pay attention to what is happening in the present moment, we can gain insight and better understand our thoughts, emotional responses and behaviours. Mindfulness is a skill and a way of being. Learning these new skills and practicing together, can help us navigate the complexities of life. We can better manage feelings of anxiety; enhance our wellbeing; explore new techniques; increase our openness; awareness and become more curious. Understanding and practicing Self-Compassion alongside Mindfulness can help us be kinder to ourselves and to be less critical when life becomes difficult, helping us to understand that we are all human. Compassion practice helps us to be ok just as we are.

It’s really important that you are able to attend all 8 sessions and be in a confidential space in order to get the best out of the course.

  • 8 x weekly sessions
  • 2 ½ hours
  • Typically held on Microsoft Teams.

Compassionate Based Living Course

Please note, you will have had to completed the Mindfulness Based Living Course before accessing the Compassion Based Living Course.

The Compassion Based Living Course is a more in-depth journey into Compassion and Self-Compassion practices. Improving Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Maturity and overall wellbeing. When we are able to access compassion, we begin to see clearly how critical thoughts about how we are, can be not only limiting but destructive. Learning about compassionate self-correction allows us to understand ourselves better and embrace our humanness, which often in turn helps us to understand others better too. Elements of the course supports and enhances Compassionate Leadership and personal resilience, supporting you to enhance your mindful living with compassion.

It’s really important that you are able to attend all 8 sessions and be in a confidential space in order to get the best out of the course.

  • 8 x weekly sessions
  • 2 ½ hours
  • Typically held on Microsoft Teams.

Mindfulness for Menopause

Our Mindful Based Living Course for Peri/Menopause supports the journey through Peri/Menopause particularly.

Using compassion based mindfulness practices to become more at ease with and accept the changes, challenges and often see the opportunities Peri/Menopause creates. As a small group of women, there is plenty of time and space to discuss and explore navigating the Peri/Menopause journey together. Managing emotions, reducing feelings of anxiety, isolation and feeling lost can bring about lasting transformative change. Learning new skills and using new resources and coping strategies can be enabling, empowering and enhancing, especially through the Peri/Menopausal years.

Mindfulness Association App is free to download from App store and is an integral part of the course.

  • 8 x weekly sessions
  • ½  hours
  • Typically held on Microsoft Teams.
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