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Emotional Wellbeing

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Our Emotional Wellbeing Care Pathway is designed to work like a traffic light system, which helps you to reflect where you feel your emotional wellbeing is. Each statement describes various levels of emotional wellbeing, and we would encourage staff to consider which of these statements best describes their current experience. Against each statement, you'll find suggestions for the support we feel would be most effective for staff who identify with the statement. For more guidance around how to use the pathway, please see our short video here:

0:00 we hope that this short video will help

0:02 you navigate our emotional well-being

0:04 care pathway and Aid you in deciding

0:07 which support you'd like to request from

0:09 the wellbeing service when completing

0:11 our wellbeing service access form the

0:14 pathway is split into two parts

0:17 supporting self and supporting others

0:20 the supporting self section is designed

0:23 to work a bit like a traffic light

0:24 system which helps you to reflect where

0:27 you feel your emotional well-being is

0:30 alongside each statement describing

0:32 various levels of emotional well-being

0:34 we have made suggestions for the support

0:36 we feel would be most effective for

0:38 staff who identify with the

0:41 statement the top statement reads I feel

0:44 well and want to stay emotionally

0:46 healthy this describes staff Who

0:48 currently feel their emotional

0:50 well-being is positive and who would

0:52 like to learn ways of maintaining

0:54 positive levels of

0:56 well-being the second statement which is

0:58 our green Traffic Light is I am

1:00 beginning to struggle with my emotional

1:03 wellbeing this may describe staff who

1:05 are experiencing mild struggles with

1:07 their emotional wellbeing but this isn't

1:09 necessarily stopping them from

1:10 functioning day-to-day even if their

1:13 day-to-day activities feel a bit of a

1:15 struggle our Amber traffic light is I am

1:19 struggling with my emotional well-being

1:21 this may describe staff who are

1:22 struggling with their wellbeing and are

1:24 finding that this is having a negative

1:26 impact on their day-to-day

1:28 functioning finally our red traffic

1:31 light is for staff who are really

1:32 struggling the well-being service is not

1:35 a mental health service and therefore

1:37 unable to provide emergency or urgent

1:40 support if someone is really struggling

1:43 we recommend they contact their GP who

1:45 can refer them to more intensive sources

1:47 of

1:48 support if there are concerns about the

1:51 safety of a member of staff for example

1:53 they are expressing intentions of

1:55 suicide the best place for them to

1:57 receive support would be through the

1:59 crisis team team or Emergency

2:02 Services when completing our access form

2:04 to request support we'll ask you to

2:07 indicate what support you feel you would

2:09 benefit from When selecting options it

2:12 is best not to do too much at once so we

2:15 recommend you select just a couple to

2:16 start with you're more than welcome to

2:19 complete the form again for further

2:20 support later on should you require it

2:23 this helps us to help you access the

2:26 right support at the right time in

2:28 addition to this some of our services

2:31 for example the mindfulness based living

2:33 course healthy lifestyle course

2:35 navigating tough times Therapy Group and

2:37 work-based therapy require a triage

2:40 appointment or screening process to

2:42 ensure that it's likely to be helpful

2:44 for you these Services also require a

2:47 longer term commitment of weekly

2:49 sessions over several weeks as opposed

2:51 to some of our one-off

2:53 Workshops the other part of the pathway

2:56 supporting others describes different

2:58 training and support Cent sessions we

3:00 offer for any staff who would like to

3:02 learn more about supporting their

3:04 colleagues across the Health Board these

3:06 can also be requested by completing our

3:08 access

3:09 form if you have any questions when

3:12 looking at our pathway or when

3:13 completing our access form please feel

3:16 free to email us on cm. wellbeing

3:19 service wales.

3:21 and a member of the team will be

3:24 able to answer your questions

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