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Managers' Support

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We recognize the need to support manager’s health and wellbeing and have developed services that offers just that to individual managers and/or management groups.

To attend any of these services please complete our Wellbeing Service Access Form.

Management Booths

A space where managers can talk to one of our therapists about their own emotional health and wellbeing. This is a 45 minute slot that allows managers to share any difficulties or struggles they are encountering as individuals, as well as within their role as a manager, with an emphasis on their own wellbeing needs.

  • One off 1-1 Session
  • 45 minutes
  • Typically held on Microsoft Teams
Managers' Consultation

Provides a space for managers to discuss the wellbeing of a colleague who is struggling with their wellbeing. It invites managers to discuss difficulties and concerns about their team or an individual team member. This intervention adopts a systemic approach to wellbeing and team efficiency and functioning, by considering the multi-layered complexities of team dynamics and offers guidance and direction on how managers can support others.

These slots are available for managers who want advice on how to support a particular member of their team who is struggling with their wellbeing. This may include discussing what support managers can offer and explore what specific support is available for their team member.

  • One off 1-1 Session
  • 1 hour
  • Typically held on Microsoft Teams
Managing Staff Wellbeing: Providing the best for Staff and Patients

This full day training course is open to all managers and explores the following topics in an interactive way:

  • The role of managers in supporting the wellbeing of staff
  • How, as managers, we can promote a culture of positive wellbeing in our teams
  • Increasing psychological safety in our teams
  • How to support individual staff members who are struggling
  • How to maintain appropriate and helpful boundaries

Whilst sharing experiences can benefit the training experience, participants must be aware that this course is designed to help managers support staff who may be experiencing difficulty and is not intended as a therapy session for the participant. This is for the comfort of all participants. Therefore, due to the sensitive topics discussed within training, it is recommended that participants have an appropriate level of wellbeing before attending.

  • One off 1-1 Session
  • Full day - i.e. 9am - 4pm
  • Typically held on Microsoft Teams
Menopause Training for Managers

The Menopause Journey can be tricky to navigate at the best of times. The more information we have the better we may be able to understand the changes that occur whilst going through the Menopause. We have developed this training for managers to be able to provide compassionate support to staff effected by Menopause. Please see the link that takes you directly to the training. The course is around twenty minutes long.

Menopause Awareness for Managers at CTMUHB - Overview

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