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Men's Wellbeing

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Here you will find resources and information, as well as links, to support you, or maybe someone you know, with your emotional health.

We all suffer with our emotional wellbeing from time to time and we know men more than women tend not to talk about it.

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External Support and Agencies

Lads & Dads Established in Bridgend in 2019 by Rob Lester, Lads & Dads is an organisation that aims to support men with their mental wellbeing. For far too long men have found it difficult to access vital support for their mental health which is still a massive concern.

Now in to it's third year, our group now has over 2000 active members with 10 committee members that work hard to ensure the group remains effective.

For more information visit: Lads & Dads | Men's Mental Wellbeing | Bridgend, South Wales

Time to Change Wales: Let Time to Change Wales is the first national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems. CTM UHB has signed the Time to Change Wales pledge to demonstrate it’s commitment to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.

Time to Change Wales have lots of free resources that can be downloaded or ordered, including toolkits, posters, booklets and logos. Anyone can download their materials to reprint either in-house or using professional printers.

For more information visit: Resources | Time to Change Wales

They also have resources specifically targeted at men as they can find talking about mental health particularly hard. Here’s some more details about their #TalkingIsALifeline campaign: Time To Change Wales: Resources: #TalkingIsALifeline

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