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Diabetes in Pregnancy

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Antenatal clinic appointments are held at the following times and location:

Antenatal clinics
Day Hospital
Monday Royal Glamorgan
Tuesday Prince Charles
Wednesday Princess of Wales

Your care will include:

  • more appointments such as regular scans from 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • Folic Acid 5mgs daily throughout pregnancy
  • Advice on taking low dose Aspirin 75mgs daily from 12 weeks of pregnancy to avoid complications such as high blood pressure which is a risk for women with pre-existing diabetes

Useful Further Information

Family planning/Pregnancy Advisory:

Family planning/Pregnancy Advisory
Health centre Telephone
Keir Hardie 01685 728497
Bridgend integrated services 0300 5550279

Sexual Health Clinics:

Sexual Health Clinics
Hospital Telephone
Body Wise @ Dewi Sant 01443 443192
Prince Charles Hospital

01685 728272

Mon –Thurs 0900- 1530

Friday 0900-1230


Family Planning

National Institute of Clinical Excellence NICE (2015). Diabetes in pregnancy: management from Preconception to the postnatal period.

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Diabetes: Planning a pregnancy?
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