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CTMUHB has a Safeguarding Midwife who is a point of contact for advice, guidance and support for the midwifery team. The development of this post has enabled the midwifery team to have the necessary skills and information through training to be an advocate and support for our most vulnerable families.

The midwifery team is able to offer support to our vulnerable families by referring to children services for additional support and voluntary services such as the domestic abuse services in our communities. Vulnerable women and families are offered appropriate support in an appropriate timescale and offered additional midwifery services if required from our Flying Start Midwives and Resilience Families Team

Working closely with Children Services, an easy read information leaflet has been introduced for families who have been referred to Children's Services which outlines the process that services are there to help and support.

The development of “Your Baby Box” for mothers whose babies are going to a foster placement following birth to aid attachments and to provide comfort in this difficult time in their life has been introduced in our Health Board.

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