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Audiology for Hearing Aid Repairs

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If you are having difficulties with your hearing aid, please read the advice on this webpage. 



If the hearing aid does not seem to be working properly or you are struggling to hear, please follow the steps below: 

  • Try putting a new battery and ensure it is in correctly – with the sticker removed and the flat side of the battery facing towards you 
  • Check that the tube is not blocked with wax – you may need to replace the tube or clean the wax out of the tube. If you have a thin tube, you can use a cleaning wire to remove the wax. Please check the ‘How to clean your hearing aid’ section of this webpage for further advice. 
  • Check for moisture in the tubing which could be blocking the sound – Replace the tube or leave to dry overnight outside the black pouch. If you use an earmould and this is a frequent occurrence, you can either request a stay dry tube or purchase a hearing aid air puffer to blow air into the tube. 
  • Check that the tubing is not twisted, squashed or split – If so, replace the tube 
  • Ensure the volume control is at the correct volume 
  • Ensure you are on the correct programme/setting - Turn the aid off and back on or try pressing the button 
  • Check the microphones at the top of your hearing aids aren’t blocked – use the small black brush to brush away at the microphones to get rid of any debris or wax 

If the hearing aid is whistling, squealing or buzzing, please check the following: 

  • Check the earpiece is in your ear correctly 
  • The microphones and tube are not blocked (check above for solutions) 
  • Ensure your ears do not have excess wax – please go to your GP to have this checked 

You will need to see your Audiologist if the earmould is cracked, uncomfortable or does not fit well, or you are having any other problems. For further advice on any troubleshooting queries, please check the links below. 

Danalogic NHS hearing aid support documents: 

C2 (Hearing Well Together) hearing aid self-help videos: 

GN Resound Hearing Aid trouble shooting videos: 

Contact your local Audiology service by phone, email or text ensuring you leave your full name, date of birth and contact details for us to find you on our system; we will then post requested items directly to your home address for you. Please be aware that these may take up to 10 days to arrive to you. In addition, please ensure you are contacting the correct email address for the hospital site where you received your hearing aid fitting i.e. Bridgend patients to contact the Princess of Wales Hospital Audiology email address.

If you have lost your hearing aid please contact us. Please be aware that there is a £65 charge per hearing aid for this loss and you will either need to pay by cash or cheque. If you need a hearing aid repair, you can post it to us and we will repair it and post it back. However please follow the advice below: 

  • Ensure the package is sealed tightly to prevent anything becoming lost or damaged 
  • The postage is enough to cover the weight and size of the item. If you have any concerns, please have the package weighed or use recorded delivery. 
  • Include your full name, address and telephone number, along with a brief description of any faults with the hearing aid 

Please be aware that we are not liable for any devices lost through the post

Drop off repairs are available in Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend and Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr. You will need to drop off your hearing aids in the morning/ afternoon at reception then collect it the following morning/ afternoon. Please note we are not open on weekends and bank holidays.

When leaving a message on our answerphone, please remember to state your full name, date of birth, contact details and your hearing aid concern/ request.

Tubing should be changed at least every 6 months. If you would like to change your tubes by yourself, please contact our department for spare tubes or elbows and open the following documents below

You might also find the videos from C2Hear online helpful:

The covid pandemic have caused many of us to wear facemasks in public places however it can be tricky to wear a facemask while having a hearing aid in. Here are some tips for helping you not lose your hearing aid while wearing a facemask. 

  1. Be careful when removing/ putting on the mask – the ear loops of facemasks can easily tangle with the hearing aid. It is best to only remove the facemask when necessary or in a safe place like your home or car, where you can easily check the floor or furnishings if your hearing aid does fall out 
  2. If you have an ambio hearing aid, download the BeMore app to connect them to the hearing aids, as there is a feature on the app to track your hearing aids if you were to lose them 
  3. If you wear glasses, take them off by moving them upwards (not forwards) before putting your mask on/off 
  4. Use a facemask that ties or fits around your head, instead of your ears, so it is less likely to become tangled with your hearing aids e.g. using a facemask with four strings 
  5. Tie back long hair 
  6. Use a mask extender (a piece of fabric with buttons) to extend the earloops so they are wrapped behind your head instead of your ears so they are less likely to be tangled with the hearing aids 
  7. After removing/ putting on the facemask, ensure your hearing aids are still on your ears properly 
  8. Take off your mask one side at a time carefully and slowly. Likewise when putting the mask on.

Wipe the earpiece with a damp cloth or wet wipe. 

Open fit hearing aid – for those with thin tubes 

  1. Unscrew the thin tube from the hearing aid anti-clockwise, ensuring the elbow attachment stays on the hearing aid 
  2. Feed the black cleaning wire through the thin tube, starting from the screw attachment end. Gently pull out the cleaning wire from the other end of the tube
  3. Reattach the thin tube to the hearing aid by screwing it clockwise 

N.B: It is important to not bend or kink the tube as this can affect the sound quality. 

Earmould hearing aid 

  1. Detach the earmould from the hearing aid by pulling the tube off the elbow of the hearing aid 
  2. Soak the earmould in a bowl of warm soapy water for a few minutes 
  3. Afterwards, rinse the earmould thoroughly under running water 
  4. To dry the earmould, shake out any excess water and leave to dry overnight 
  5. Reattch the earmould to the hearing aid when fully dried 
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