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Welsh Language Standards Annual Report

Today we have published our Welsh Language Standards Annual Report for the 2021/2022 reporting year. The report highlights how we have worked to comply with the Welsh Language Standards over the last reporting period and what we intend to do over the next 12 months to improve our bilingual provision for our patients and communities. It is published in accordance with Standard 120 of the Welsh Language Standards. 

In his forward to the report, Paul Mears our Chief Executive wrote: 

“This year has, yet again, seen the clear commitment by our staff to provide our Welsh-speaking service users with quality care, which for many means care in Welsh as we focus our efforts on building healthy communities together.  

“The comments from our clinicians on the effect Welsh language services have on patient satisfaction and care outcomes, and from four of our 55 staff members who have begun learning Welsh this year, are testament to how the importance of care in Welsh and the standards around patient communication have become embedded in our Health Board.” 

Paul added: “I look forward over the next year to supporting the organisation to ensure the continual improvement in provision of patient-centred services supported by quality Welsh language services.” 

The report can be found here.  

For any enquiries on the report or our bilingual service provision, you are welcome to contact us in Welsh or English by emailing  

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