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Going the Extra Mile

Leanne Nash

Leanne Nash ​ - SCBU Nurse - PCH

Leanne Nash looked after my new born baby, Evie, during her 3 day stay in the Special Care Baby Unit in Prince Charles Hospital. Leanne provided amazing care to Evie. She used distraction techniques when taking blood from Evie's heal every 4 hours for testing, Evie would usually become distressed and scream but she barely noticed when Leanne carried the task out. Leanne also came to my bedside one night when I was particularly ill and could not leave to visit Evie in SCBU - she brought me printed photographs of Evie to show me how she was doing, and gave me a full update, even though it was midnight when I requested it. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her. She also supported me and made me feel more at ease. I could discuss Evie's care with her and she was make sure I understood what was happening and going on. I will never be able to thank her enough for the support she provided me with, during a time where I felt so anxious and scared. 

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