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Empowered me - Advocated for me

Caleb Igbenehi - Consultant - POW

I was under Caleb’s care for my 3rd pregnancy (my first two babies were delivered in a different hospital in England) and I was desperate to attempt a VBA2C. After an extremely negative experience with a consultant during my second pregnancy I was planning to decline consultant led care for my third, however I was reassured by the midwife that Caleb was lovely and extremely supportive.

At my first appointment I saw the registrar and informed him I would not be booking a c section and that I wanted to attempt a VBA2C, the registrar went to get Caleb to discuss things with me further. Caleb took the time to understand why I felt I had not progressed in my last labours and why I was so desperate to attempt a VBA2C and together we made a plan that I was comfortable with. I especially appreciated the specific terminology used, especially the refusal to use the term “failure to progress” due to the negative connotations associated with ‘failure’. Throughout every appointment I never felt rushed or belittled - I felt fully informed, respected and in control of every decision made.

When booking my induction, he advised the team that whilst it wasn’t the recommended route for someone who had had 2 c sections, that I was informed and well researched. During my induction, Caleb was positive and humorous throughout, I was informed by the midwives that he regularly rang the ward to check how I was progressing. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, I ended up with a 3rd c section, however I am much more at peace with how my birthing experience went due to the support shown by Caleb throughout my antenatal care - there was simply nothing more I could have tried to achieve a natural birth. My opinion on consultant led care completely changed due to Caleb, and wish that all consultants in the field would follow his lead. 

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