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Infant Feeding​

Rebecca Morris - NNEB - ​​PCH 

Becca Morris is an outstanding nursery nurse and a credit to the postnatal ward at Prince Charles Hospital. I was luckily enough to have her working on shift following the delivery of both of my girls, and I’m not sure I could have gotten through those first few days without her. The help and guidance she offered me when it came to initially caring for the girls (I was post CS), from a practical perspective right through to the emotional support, was second to none. I longed to breastfeed but had difficulty in latching my little girls on. Becca showed me ways to try and achieve a successful latch, and when that was unsuccessful, helped me with expressing and feeding both girls. Becca ensured I had every bit of support I could have prior to going home, and made sure I knew who I could contact when I got home if I had any issues. From talking to others they have a similar experience to myself with Becca so she really does go the extra mile to support mums in the challenging postnatal period, and she is an asset to the team.​

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