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I am already physically active but want to try something new

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Sometimes when we’ve been active for a while, exercise can begin to get stale or boring. Here are our top tips for keeping things fresh and staying engaged in exercise for the long haul:

  • Try New Things: Either try a new form of exercise (link to A-Z?) or switch up your current routine. For example, if you usually walk the same route everyday, explore new routes. If you always run on Mondays and go to the gym Tuesdays, swap the days around. Small changes like this can make a big difference!
  • Challenge Yourself: A great way to keep exercise interesting is to challenge yourself and set goals/targets. If you’re a runner, perhaps you enter a race which is a new distance for you. If you like to lift weights, perhaps you can train to lift a heavier weight. A challenge or goal can often be a great motivator.
  • Make it a Competition: A lot of us thrive when we’re competing with others. Perhaps you could find a way to compete with friends or family members of a similar fitness level to you?
  • Remind Yourself of the Benefits: If you’re regularly exercising, you’re probably noticing a whole host of positive benefits for both your physical and emotional wellbeing. On days or weeks where you don’t feel like being active, remind yourself of those benefits.
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