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Perinatal Mental Health

What we do

We provide a specialist service to support the mental health needs of women experiencing perinatal illness and promote the safety and well-being of mothers experiencing mental illness through their journey from pre conception and pregnancy to parenthood.

The Perinatal Mental Health Service specialises in assessment, diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic intervention for women. The service aims to promote every mothers' opportunity to have a positive experience of the mother-baby relationship, whilst being inclusive of partners and other individuals involved in the journey.

Who is it for?

Pregnant women who have previously experienced mental ill health and women who are experiencing post-natal illness where the child is under 12 months old.

The service is primarily for adults 18 years plus, but will link in with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, where appropriate, when people under the age of 18 years present to the service.

We also provide specialist advice to other professionals.

Can anyone use this service?

A referral by GP, health visitors, midwives or secondary mental health services.  

There is a duty desk available to advise clinicians on 01656 752520 Monday to Friday.

Opening Times

Core hours 9:00am -5:00pm Monday to Friday
Excluding Bank Holiday

Voicemail activated outside these core hours

What to expect

Mothers will see a specialist mental health professional for assessment and may provide a link to further support from an Occupational Therapist, Mental Health Nurse, Clinical Psychologist and/or Psychiatrist or will act as a link to crisis support or care and treatment planning.

Provision of comprehensive and integrated birth planning for women (and their care teams) at the highest risk of serious mental health complications, in the immediate period before/during and after birth i.e. women with existing diagnosis of serious mental illness including bipolar affective disorder/psychotic illness or history of severe perinatal illness/major depressive illness.

Contact us

Perinatal Mental Health Service
71 Quarella Road
CF31 1JS

01656 752520

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