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Postnatal mental health, how can I help?

mother and new born baby

Most new parents will feel some anxiety during the first few weeks of being a family, but if the anxiety becomes constant and affecting daily life, then your partner may need some extra support and help.

You can support you partner by

  • Encouraging them to talk to a health professional
  • Talking to each other, reassure them and suggest they write down any concerns so that they can share them with a health professional
  • Help around the house
  • Set limits with friends and family so visitors don’t become overwhelming
  • Help with the laundry
  • Where possible accompany her to doctor’s appointments
  • Educate yourself around mental health in the postnatal period
  • Just sit with each other, let them know you are there, with no distractions, no phone, TV etc
  • Make sure you use eye contact when communicating with each other
  • Encourage your partner to rest
  • Ask what you can do to help
  • Listen to your partner
  • Be patient
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