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Different births – what would be expected from partner

expectant mother and partner

During labour and birth it’s important to feel you are able to support your partner where possible. You will be supported and guided by the midwife and staff within the hospital but here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure you're well rested. Take a few minutes away from the area if you need to, to refresh yourself and gather your thoughts.
  2. Whilst your partner is labouring, support them through offering snacks and drinks and don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated too!
  3. During a vaginal birth you can move with your partner to facilitate different positions and during birth you will be offered the chance to cut the babies cord and receive skin to skin after birth if this is what you'd like.
  4. If your partner requires any assistance during the birth we will guide you on what you can do to help.
  5. If your partner needs to be transferred to theatre, we will support you to change into theatre clothing and advise you on where to stand in theatre, this is important as there are many sterile areas within a theatre environment.  Please don’t worry about this as we will advise you at the time.
  6. In theatre, once your partner has the appropriate pain relief we will sit you next to your partner and we will talk you through the procedure.
  7. Once your baby is born you will both be offered skin-to-skin and should remain seated unless instructed otherwise.
  8. You will remain with your partner for a period after birth and we will support you both during this time.
  9. You can support your partner by offering them food and drink, passing them the baby to feed and calling staff for help if you require anything.
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