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Tair Afon Alongside Midwifery Unit, Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil and Midwifery-led rooms, Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend


Our Alongside Midwifery Unit is staffed and run by midwives (who are experts in supporting physiological labour, and birth) and will provide all the care and support you require during labour and birth. Tair Afon AMU is located ‘alongside’ the labour ward. Tair Afon has two birth pools, and spacious double bedded rooms. Those following a midwife-led care pathway would be encouraged to birth in an along-side midwifery unit such as Tair Afon. Those who would not ordinarily be recommended to birth in a midwife-led setting who would like the opportunity to plan birth here will always be supported with information about this environment and an individualised plan of care to suit your needs. In the Princess of Wales, the alongside midwifery-led unit is one room called the Bluebell Suite which is situated off the main labour ward footprint. Work is underway to build a brand new, purpose-built birthing room including a birthing pool and is due to be completed and opened by Christmas 2021

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