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What happens at a Lung Health Check?


Lung Health Checks aim to find and treat Lung Cancer early, before you have any signs or symptoms.



Your invitation will arrive in the post with an information booklet.



You will be asked some questions at a telephone appointment.



Depending on your answers, you may be offered a quick and painless Lung Cancer Screening Scan.



We will contact you and your doctor with the results.


Invitations for Lung Health Checks

More information about who is being invited for Lung Health Checks is available here.


What is Lung Cancer?

The Lungs are a pair of organs inside the chest which help get oxygen in and waste gases out of your body. Lung Cancer occurs when cells in the lungs start growing out of control. 

Lung Cancer is one of the most common types of Cancer. It does not usually cause any symptoms when it is at an early stage. 

Lung Health Checks can help find Lung Cancer early, before you have any signs or symptoms. Finding Cancer early gives you the best chance of successful treatment. 


The Telephone Appointment

Your invitation letter with the date and time of your telephone appointment will arrive through the post with an information booklet. 

If you can’t manage a telephone appointment, or if the appointment time is not convenient for you, get in touch using the contact details on the letter so we can discuss other options. 

During the appointment you will be asked questions about your breathing, lifestyle and medical history. 

Your answers will be used to work out your chances of having lung cancer now or in the future.  You may then be offered a telephone appointment with a nurse to discuss having a lung cancer screening scan, to check for any early signs of lung cancer.


The Lung Cancer Screening Scan

The Lung Cancer Screening Scan is a special type of “Computerised Tomography” (CT) Scan that uses x-rays and a computer to take a detailed picture of your Lungs. 

During the scan you usually lie flat on your back on a bed. The scanner is shaped like a ring and moves around a small section of your body as you pass through it.

CT Scans take detailed pictures of your Lungs to look for any early signs of Lung Cancer.
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Trained staff control the scanner from behind a screen in the room. You will be able to see and speak to them. When the scan is taken, you will need to lie still and follow simple breathing instructions for 10 seconds. This makes sure the pictures are not blurred.

The scan is not painful. You can eat, drink or drive before and after your scan. 



You will usually get your results within four weeks of the scan. There are three possible results:

Sometimes Lung Cancer Screening Scans can pick up other things by chance, in the Lungs or in other parts of the body. We will let you and your doctor know if any tests or treatments are needed.

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