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What can I do to keep my Lungs healthy?


Help me quit Stopping Smoking is the single most important change you can make to improve your health. 

It is never too late to stop. 

If you are ready to make a change, we are here to help. You are much more likely to stop for good with support from the free NHS Help Me Quit service in Wales. We can put you in touch during your Lung Health Check, or you can self-refer online or by telephone. / FREEPHONE: 0800 085 2219


What else can I do?

  • Keep active. No matter how much you do, physical activity is good for your body and mind. Aim to be active every day.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. East at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day, and cut down on saturated fat and sugar.
  • Drink less than 14 units of alcohol a week, and spread any drinking out over three days or more. 
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