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"I am now able to jump out of my chair at home!" - Richard's Patient Story

The Joint Care Programme is a tailored programme to improve the mobility and function for people with knee or hip pain. The programme provides information about healthier eating which included topics looking at eating well, portion sizes, healthy food and drink swaps, dealing with cravings, food labels and overcoming barriers. This part of the programme is called Foodwise for Life. Interactive cookery sessions (Get Cooking) are also included alongside low impact exercise sessions.

The aim is for patients to reach a healthier weight, improve their mobility and joint function to reduce the need for joint surgery. If surgery is still needed the programme will help aid recovery.

One of our Joint Care Programme patients Richard wanted to share his experience of the 12-week programme which resulted in enjoying longer walks with his dogs. Richard detailed before joining the Joint Care Programme he would experience pain in his joints and shortness of breath would stop him from being active. Richard advised his wife is also very happy as he no longer struggles and now jumps out of his chair at home.

Richard also mentioned how he can now fit through his friend’s patio doors and it’s all down to all the changes he has made through the Joint Care Programme. Richard advised he has switched to healthier food choices. He now drinks more water, no longer eats packets of biscuits with his tea and reduced his portion sizes which has made a huge difference.

Richard told us:

"The Joint Care Programme has really helped me to understand the ways of eating, the size of my plate has changed and the exercise element has been amazing. The cookery sessions were really enjoyable, the lentil soup was really nice and found it really filling. I am using lentils at home now as a new ingredient which I haven’t used before and it is also cheap to buy."

Richard advised he accessed the programme through a referral from his physiotherapist and is due to have surgery soon. The programme will really help aid his recovery and the programme has prevented his mobility and joint function deteriorating even further. The programme has really helped him improve his joints and said the sessions are easy to get to and everyone helps each other. The Joint Care team were really helpful and provided fantastic support. Richard detailed:

"Exercise was really spot on and I tried to work harder every week and increased my weights during the programme. Anything I asked was provided and supported by the Joint Care Team."

Richard plans to continue exercising at the local leisure centre and will continue to implement everything he has learnt.

Tamara, Joint Care Programme Tutor who supported Richard said: "Richard was really hard working during the 12 week programme and his hard work has paid off. He was a delight to have in the class and I'm so happy that it made a difference in his life."

Richards JCP 12-week Health Outcomes:


-14.6 kg


-14 cm

Quality of Life:




Knee Mobility/Function:


Sit to Stand:

+7 repetitions

6 Minute Walk Test:

+160 metres


The Local Public Health Team who manages the overall programme within Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board detailed: "The Joint Care Programme is a fantastic service that is available across Cwm Taf Morgannwg. It is completely free and can really help people live a more active and happy life. Thank you Richard for sharing your inspirational story with us and we wish you all the very best for the future."


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