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How can we help?

When young people have health problems it can sometimes be distressing for them and for everyone in the family. Having difficulties with your health may feel difficult and can impact on your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and wellbeing. Our service offers a chance for young people and their families to talk about these areas, and where appropriate work together to find ways of dealing with things that can help them to cope with their situation. The way individual children and families cope with, and adjust to, the challenges they face can be different for everyone.

Parents, children and young people come to see the team for all sorts of reasons. We help people with all sorts of difficulties. Below are some of the things we help with:‚Äč

  • Coping with treatments that you might feel worried about.
  • Supporting you to live with and manage your medical condition.
  • Helping with techniques to make positive changes.
  • Strong emotions such as sadness, fear or anger.
  • Coping with needles, taking tablets, medical tests and blood.
  • Helping you make decisions about your treatment.
  • Managing pain.
  • Coping with tiredness and depression.
  • Coping with changes in weight, eating and body image.
  • Worries about how your condition affects your life.
  • Dealing with feelings related to your condition like feeling different.
  • Worries about school.
  • Physical problems that get worse when you worry.
  • Support for parents, brothers and sisters of an unwell and sick child.
  • Coping with grief and bereavement.
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