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Living Well

Living well ensures the right support systems are in place for people to live the happiest and healthiest lives they can; making the most of the opportunities we  can create for them.


How could that look and feel?


Creating Health  

Shifting the focus to prevention and providing
interventions that reduce the burden of
morbidity on patients awaiting procedure.


Improving Care  

Making the most  of  advances in science
and technology that enhance our service
provision and bring care closer to home as
part of a prudent healthcare approach.


Inspiring People  

Tackling health inequalities and providing
community interventions which in turn can
lead to better outcomes such an increased
uptake in screening programmes.


Sustaining our Future Icon  

Providing digital first platforms that reduce
the patient and practitioner paper trails.
Reducing financial and environmental costs of
longer or more frequent time spent in care settings.