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Ageing Well

Ageing well means we shouldn’t have to carry the weight of the past on our shoulders. Ageing well ensures we keep on making the most of life and making sure we still live well in our older years.


How could that look and feel?


Creating Health  

Tackling frailty head on with a focus on
detection, planning and access to support
that recognises  the increased risks associated
with ageing. 

Improving Care  

A system that works for our ageing population
and looks to meet their needs in a way that
is accessible, local and compassionate.



Inspiring People  

Understanding the role support networks of
all kinds play in preventing avoidable harm or
illness. Working with these networks to
strengthen the healthcare experience.


Sustaining our Future Icon  

Meeting the challenges of an ageing population
in a way that is cost effective and reduces journeys
to and from care settings with a home first approach.