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Delivering Across The Life Stages

What are life stages and why are they important?

Our human life may be divided into many important phases of personal significance for us, but five key stages can be classified as: birth | infancy |childhood| adulthood and dying. 

As we move and grow into these important phases of our life, our healthcare needs change, as do our expectations and requirements. 

Through CTM2030, we are building a much clearer understanding of the changes in a person’s health requirements for each of these five key stages; asking what do our CTM babies, infants, children, teens, adults and the elderly all need from a healthcare system to maintain long-term good health and wellbeing? 

Only by understanding this, can we plan and deliver our healthcare services in a transformative way, enabling people to live their healthiest life possible supported by a system focused on preventing ill health as opposed to waiting to fix it.