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Wellness & Education Co-ordinator

About Me

Wellness & Education Co-ordinator

Olivia is an Arts graduate and has taught Art and Photography in the secondary sector for the last 4 years.

Olivia was also a Learning Coach and Vespa Champion - in which she developed a coaching programme to build upon pupils' vision, effort, attitude and systems. 

Oliva has worked with numerous organisations and charities throughout her Master's degree in Art, Space and Nature, particularly within the field of Health and Social care. 

Olivia has promoted awareness of Mental Health, Alzheimer’s disease and Arts in Healthcare provisions and is passionate of how the Arts can impact and improve Wellbeing. 

Olivia is passionate about education, learning, wellness, holistic health and working with people. 

Outside of work, Olivia has travelled to Japan to showcase and exhibit her art work. 

The WISE Wellness Coaches have undertaken and completed a variety of specialized and specific training to be able to best support patients of our service. You can view Olivia's training below: 

  • EPP (Education Programmes for Patients)
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme
  • Chronic Pain Self-Management Programme
  • Public Health Wales Nutrition Skills for Life - Level 2 Community Food and Nutrition Skills 
  • Momenta Cardiovascular Disease Prevention (CVD)
  • MECC (Making Every Contact Count)

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