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Burnout and Chronic Health Conditions

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The urgency of addressing burnout and chronic health conditions was highlighted recently in a BBC Wales Live documentary: Burnout 

As part of the documentary, Dr Liza Thomas-Emrus, lead clinician for the Wellness Improvement Service (WISE), describes the interconnected challenges of burnout and chronic conditions that necessitate an integrated approach to recovery.

Chronic illnesses and conditions often coexist with burnout, forming a complex web that demands a comprehensive healthcare recovery strategy. WISE is rooted in the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine and takes a coach-led approach to empower individuals dealing with both burnout and chronic health issues. By addressing lifestyle factors such as healthy eating, physical movement, sleep, mental wellbeing, social connections, and avoiding risky substances, WISE guides patients toward managing chronic conditions while supporting overall well-being.

WISE serves as a roadmap, not only for burnout recovery but also for individuals navigating the intricate terrain of chronic health challenges. Recognising the interplay between physical and mental health, this approach is designed to help individuals build resilience, manage chronic conditions effectively, and thrive in their daily lives.

Mental Health UK’s research reveals that 71% of respondents found a supportive network outside of work crucial in overcoming burnout.[1] This reinforces the vital role of meaningful relationships in combating stress and burnout, especially for those managing chronic conditions. In recognising this, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Primary and Community Care extend its focus to encompass the broader landscape of health challenges individuals may face.

The Wellness Improvement Service (WISE) offers comprehensive support to those facing the dual challenges of burnout and chronic health issues. Through this service, individuals are empowered to transform their lives, managing chronic conditions while promoting sustainable well-being.

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