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Information for Healthcare Professionals


The following slides with voiceovers will help you understand dysregulation and how this contributes to the multiple symptoms in primary fatiguing conditions. 

The whole slide show is approximately 30 minutes long, but we have split it up into 3 parts to help concentration levels and retention of information. Please watch in order, one to three. 

Watch as many times as you need and also show to your family so they have a better understanding of your symptoms. 

Do not worry if you don’t completely understand everything as there is quite a bit of medical language but we are hoping it will help explain and validate your symptoms to yourself and others. 

We would like to acknowledge BACME, the British Association of Clinicians in ME/CFS and their original contributors for the background information on current theories, we have based these slides on. 

Slides and script have been developed by Sally Collins, Physiotherapist. 


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