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Why should I get the winter respiratory vaccines?

You may be eligible for a flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster this winter.

Here you can find out more information on each of these vaccines, including where you can access them.

Am I eligible?

To find out if you are in an eligible population group for the flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster

Where and when can I get my COVID-19 booster or Flu Vaccine?

For further information on how you can access your vaccines, including where and when they will be available

Why should I get the COVID-19 booster and Flu Vaccine?

If you are eligible for a COVID-19 booster and/or flu vaccine, this is because you are at a higher risk of contracting flu/COVID-19 and becoming ill, and/or you have regular contact with vulnerable individuals. 

The flu and COVID-19 vaccines help to give protection for yourself and those around you against the main types of flu and COVID-19 viruses that may be circulating at the time. Being vaccinated also reduces the chance of you suffering from severe illness and needing to go to hospital.

The links and information below contain a wealth of information and answers to many frequently asked questions about each of the vaccines.

About the COVID-19 vaccine - Public Health Wales (

About the Influenza vaccine - Public Health Wales ( 

Why do I need another COVID-19 booster?

Like natural immunity, the protective immunity the COVID-19 vaccine provides you with wanes over time. A booster is needed to enhance your immunity, increase your protection against severe illness, and decrease the chances of you needing to go to hospital.

People who received an autumn booster vaccine last year were around 53% less likely to go to the hospital with COVID-19 in the two to four weeks after getting vaccinated, compared to those who didn't get a booster.


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