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Have Your Say


In November 2021 we launched our ‘Have Your Say’ Survey.

Following a number of great responses we’ve kept the survey open so that people across CTM always have an opportunity to feedback on the things that matter to them when it comes their health and wellbeing.

You can complete the anonymous survey by clicking here, or scanning the QR code below.

Building Healthier Communities Together

What have the responses told us so far?

Below we share some of the common themes from the responses we have received to date.

These themes have a strong connection to the four strategy goals at the centre of our approach to Building Healthier Communities Together and next to each theme we have shared a quote direct from our survey responders to show how important a role your voice can play in helping us shape the future of CTM2030. 


CTM2030 Feedback So Far

CTM2030 Leaders’ Network meeting (September 9)