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Community Activity


Taking our CTM2030 conversation out into the community, in the spaces that matter most to you has always been one of our key aims for Building Healthier Communities Together. 

Having worked in partnership to establish our goals, we are now taking the conversation back out into our communities across CTM to work out how we deliver it in collaboration with the people, services and projects that are making a difference locally.  

Here are some of our most recent activities out in the community....

These are just some of the ways we have worked with our community partners to deliver local conversations about local priorities that will make a difference for local people.  

We want to hear your ideas for continuing this conversation in your area; whether that’s working with us to host an event similar to those shown above, or finding a new way to have these conversations in a way that is relevant to your community.  

If this sound like something you and your organisation or group would be interested in, please do get in touch at