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WISE follows an evidence-based, lifestyle medicine approach where patient empowerment forms the basis of the service and supports change through person-centered techniques to improve mental and physical well-being.

Through a sustained education programme, WISE aims to enable referred patients to better understand the root causes of their current medical conditions and choose lifestyle behaviours that improve their long-term health, as well as ensure a better quality of life with reduced symptom burden.

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Any person over 18 years old with a chronic health condition or symptom or on an NHS waiting list, can join the WISE service via the traditional clinical referral process (through a health professional) or by self-referral on the WISE website.

Patients can be referred by their Consultant, GP practice, health professionals, self-referral, or social connector. The service will also be increasing the opportunity to other conditions over the coming months to offer this key prevention and wellness support. 

Register for the WISE Service

Wellness Coaches

The WISE service is delivered through highly trained Wellness Coaches and supported by the Health Boards volunteer team, who are key to the implementation and development of peer-to-peer support. The service is supported by a Wellness Community Coordinator and three lifestyle medicine doctors.

Digital Health tools

Patients referred to WISE will have personal tailored access to various digital healthcare social prescribing applications and digital health libraries. These software applications help the WISE team to gain a better understanding of the referred patients and their outcomes in a unique way.

Third Sector partnership

WISE will engage with the community through selected third sector organisations and local businesses to deliver a variety of patient-centered workshops to encourage patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle.