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PALS (Patient Advisory Liaison Service)

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How can this service support you?

The Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) provides free confidential advice, information and support. We can help you with any concerns or queries you may have about your care, a loved one’s or someone you support, providing help when you need it, or don’t know where to turn.

Being unwell or caring for someone else can be worrying, so it helps when there is someone to turn to for advice and support.

PALS can help you sort out any worries and concerns that may arise and will work with staff and managers to negotiate quick solutions to problems or questions.

PALS is for everyone, whether you use our services or care for someone who does.

We can’t offer counselling, diagnosis or any medical advice, but we can support you if you are finding it hard to access or understand any of our services.

PALS does not replace the trust’s formal complaints procedure.

You may choose to speak to PALS first to try to resolve a problem before or instead of making a formal complaint.

In the first instance, PALS will encourage people to discuss their concerns with the person or team providing their care.

If you are still unhappy after contacting PALS and want to make a formal complaint, PALS can help you to start the complaints procedure or you can contact the complaints team yourself on 01443 744915 or via email on:


To contact the PALS Teams across the Health Board:

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