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What does Value Based Health Care do?

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The Aims of the CTMUHB VBHC Team are to:

  • Be a mature, Person-Centred VBHC Organisation, that effectively leads, embeds, continuously learns and shares, within CTMUHB, across Wales and Internationally                                                    
  • Improve patient outcomes and experiences through planning and delivery of high value care and treatment, and disinvestment of identified low value care, equitably across the CTMUHB landscape and portfolio
  • Use digital technology and analytics to identify, evidence and deliver high value outcomes and experiences, effective and efficient utilisation of resources, and improved population health and wellbeing
  • Embed and support the culture, behaviours, and skills to enable informed shared decision making and unity of purpose of VBHC across the organisation
  • Synergise VBHC with CTMUHB and National priorities                                                                             
  • Work with internal departments and strategic partners to deliver across the 4 pillars of VBHC throughout the work of CTMUHB
  • Develop a Centre of Excellence supported by the National Value in Health Centre, Academia, Strategic Partners and Industry