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Embedding Value Based Health Care in CTMUHB culture

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In order to embed VBHC into the behaviours and culture of CTMUHB the VBHC Team will:

  • Socialise and Educate: the principles of VBHC will need to be communicated well and clearly for it to become a way of thinking about health and social care at an individual and population health level and for learnings to be disseminated across all our partners in the public sector, academia, 3rd sector, industry, patients and the public
  • Collect, Analyse and Use Big Data: describing value will require data to be collected, linked and analysed safely and securely. It will need to be available to the patient and clinical teams providing care at point of care and will need to be aggregated to describe at population level. The data also will need to be wide in scope in order for us to scope broadly and will necessitate a new working relationship and data sharing arrangement with our citizens and public sector partners. The data needs to drive both technical and allocative efficiencies and we will need both collaborations and bleeding edge technology to do this robustly
  • Measure Meaningful Outcomes in a Meaningful Way: we will need to measure outcomes consistently and more holistically. In this respect, CTMUHB will adopt the ICHOMs Standard Sets and will develop a series of statistical methods and health economic models to gain appropriate inferences from the data through collaboration with academic partners. We will automate data collection and make use of supportive technologies to do this. These aggregated data sets will become largely unique in their richness and will be used to support all four pillars of VBHC
  • Scope Broadly: we will adopt this approach across the fullest extent of the care pathway including acknowledging the important role of carers, families and community providing care that supports good outcomes for people. We will adopt an end to end systems approach extending into collaboration with public sector partners (e.g. local authority, criminal justice, education, Welsh Government)
  • Prioritise: We will be inclusive and equitable in our approach but we will have to prioritise which services we will apply the approach to in the first instance against a set of transparent criteria. This will not preclude other services having access to more traditional methods and support for quality improvement