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Sustaining Our Future

Our Health Our Future

Sustaining Our Future


There is a clear link between the health of our people and the health of our planet. Through CTM2030 we will care for both; looking at how more sustainable and environmentally restorative practices can improve outcomes for current and future generations.

  • Becoming a green organisation

  • Ensuring our services financial sustainability

  • Embedding value based healthcare

  • Ensuring our estate is fit for the future



CTMUHB Decarbonisation Strategy 2022-2030

Our decarbonisation strategy sets out the work that has taken place, the work that is still underway and the challenges that lie ahead as we seek to become a more environmentally sustainable and responsible organisation.

From our buildings and the way we get around, to our procurement and the way we deliver our services, we all have a part to play in making the changes that will build a healthier future for both people and planet; and we can only achieve that by working with our partners across CTM.

Read our full strategy here:

Decarbonisation Strategy

Sustaining Our Future