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Launching Green CTM

Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board is formally launching its ‘green’ initiative this week to coincide with the 26th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference which takes place from October 31 until November 11.

Green CTM is the staff working group which aims to ensure that ‘green’ and ‘sustainability’ principles are embedded across the Health Board in all aspects of its work and the services provided to patients and communities.

Green CTM actively engaged in responding to Welsh Government’s ambitious decarbonisation plans and is currently exploring how carbon net zero can be delivered by 2030 in line with NHS Wales Decarbonisation Strategy.

The NHS uses carbon in the following ways:

Carbon net zero means only using the same amount of carbon as is offset in the rest of Wales.  Because of ‘carbon negative’ initiatives across Wales such as tree planting, this means reducing the carbon output of the NHS by 34% by 2030, through using more renewables, buying local, recycling, less travel etc.

Green CTM aims to ensure that ‘green’ and ‘sustainability’ principles are embedded across our Health Board in all aspects of our work and the services provided to patients and communities.

From the use of disposable items, to energy supplies and the way in which we deliver services, all aspects of our Health Board’s services have scope to do things in a more environmentally friendly way that will provide a better world for future generations by impacting positively on health.

“Going green and being sustainable in all that we do is a vital part of our approach to delivering on our responsibilities as a population health organisation for the communities of CTM”, said Linda Prosser, Director of Strategy and Transformation.

“Putting this front and centre of our decision making at every level - as individuals, teams, organisationally and with our partners - can be transformational for our staff, communities and future generations.

“It can be something as simple as deciding to bring a re-fillable cup into work instead of using disposable cups, switching off lights and monitors not in use, to decisions about the materials we use in the services we provide, and right through to bigger transformative projects such as our buildings and energy systems.”

Linda continued:  “I’ve been so impressed by the response to the call out for volunteers across our Health Board to get involved in this work as well as the quality of ideas and suggestions coming through.

“There’s such a commitment to put some real momentum into this and is a great example of #TeamCTM living our values by listening and learning to improve and working together as one team.

“As you can see from this chart so far we have made lots of improvements to buildings, such as LED lights, more use of solar and wind power sources energy, introduced electric fleet vehicles, reduced use of high carbon anaesthetic gases and inhalers, and increased the range of recycling.  That said, there are masses still to do for us to meet net zero.

“We also know that a large proportion of our workforce live within CTM communities too so we want to do as much as we can to support staff to make environmentally friendly decisions within their professional and personal lives as ultimately, these decision affect how healthy we live and thrive.

“We have had a great response from our staff so far - and I’m really grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm and contributions and throughout the next two weeks of the COP 26 conference, Green CTM is encouraging colleagues to share ideas and suggestions about how CTM can go greener.

“We are also keen to hear from our communities by sharing on social media, using #GreenCTM too.  This very much is something that affects us all so we want as many ideas as possible to get us greener!

“We have had a great response from colleagues so far, including from our local authority partners who are doing some great work in this area, but we’re always keen to have more people on board because we believe that real change can happen when people come together in this way, so anyone who feels as passionately as we do about making CTM greener, please get in touch by e-mailing us.”

Lynda concluded: “I have absolutely no doubt that we all want to leave this world better than how we found it and Green CTM will be one of the ways in which we can help secure better health and better lives for future generations across CTM.”