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Mark H

Wellness & Education Co-ordinator

About Me

Wellness & Education Co-ordinator

Mark spent 13 years working for charity organisations, taking a lead in the community by delivering many different health, wellbeing and sports/fitness activities and projects.

Mark played rugby as a teenager when he realised he needed to take up a physical activity to help him lose weight. Mark got in to coaching and has gained many key achievements, some of these include:

  • Head Coach for Wales & Cardiff Blues under 18’s Girls
  • WRU Programme Lead for Women’s rugby in Wales
  • University South Wales Coach of the Year

Mark’s passion is developing others, supporting people to improve their health, and helping them to be the best they can be. 

A random fact that Mark shared was that he has achieved his lifelong ambition of visiting The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. 

The WISE Wellness Coaches have undertaken and completed a variety of specialized and specific training to be able to best support patients of our service. You can view Mark's training below: 

  • EPP (Education Programmes for Patients)
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme
  • Chronic Pain Self-Management Programme
  • Public Health Wales Nutrition Skills for Life - Level 2 Community Food and Nutrition Skills 
  • Momenta Cardiovascular Disease Prevention (CVD)
  • MECC (Making Every Contact Count)

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