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Wellbeing Team intervention or bespoke training

Has your team experienced an event that has negatively impacted their wellbeing? This might be the bereavement of a colleague, a traumatic death on a ward or any other event that has been distressing for the team. It is normal for people to have extraordinary reactions to extraordinary events and staff may need extra support with their wellbeing following a traumatic event.

The wellbeing team can provide one off group or 1-1 sessions to support staff and also enable staff to get together and support each other at difficult times. The sessions offer an opportunity for staff to process what’s happened, how the event has affected them, share information about what support is available to them and consider if they require any further support.

Someone in the team will need to organise the event, hold a list of which team members would like to attend, book a room and liaise with the member of the wellbeing team that will facilitate the session. If your team is interested in booking a session please email 

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