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Management Booths

The wellbeing team are increasingly recognising the need to support manager’s health and wellbeing and have developed a service that offers just that to individual managers and/or management groups. Our management booths offer a space where management teams or/and individual managers can speak honestly and openly about struggles and problems that they are experiencing at work. This is a space for managers to put their management hat to one side and discuss their own wellbeing and self-care and explore ways of moving forward in this difficult time.

We’ve had several feedback forms regarding the management booths.

  •  “Fab session. Very approachable with welcoming ideas. Would highly recommend.”
  • “Thank you for giving us the time and a safe space to talk through our challenges. Some brilliant and constructive tools.”
  • “I found this a very valuable space to share common challenges/frustrations.”
  • “The stress- resilience buckets and having the support system to access sense checks a great resource.”

To book a slot, please use the link provided


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